Red Slippers: Part 14

Day 112 of Writing 365

Elle was the first the climb the white marble steps and cross the stone pathway leading to the oak doors that guarded the church’s interior. She crossed to the far side of the door and then to the other, she crouched down and looked from every angle possible.

“What is it?” Josephine asked, clearly believing her traveling companion had gone entirely mad.

“A church, of course,” Franklin answered. Basil chortled, clearly he was losing his mind as well.

“No, I mean, what’s she looking for?”

“A sign!” Elle shouted to them. 

“Metaphorically or literally?” Basil asked, a grin still playing on his lips.

“Literally. I’m looking for the sign that reads: ‘bell out of order, please knock,’” she grinned, but the expression held little humor, a madness was not just flashing across her face now, but had taken up residence there.

“You’re kidding,” Josephine replied.

“Aw yes the Wizard of Oz, what a fantastic film,” Franklin added, seemingly to himself. “How I do love that movie and the journey it represents,” he turned to Basil, waiting for him to question. When he got no response, he continued anyway, “my life,”

“Of course,” Basil replied.

“This isn’t about you old man!” Elle screamed, she grabbed at one of the doors and yanked it open. Feeling no other choice, the others followed her inside.

The inside of the church was, well, not the inside of a church. It looked much more like a fancy house that some one had rapidly moved out of.A grand staircase greeted them, but no furniture, no pictures, no items that showed any hint of life in the church existed.

“Hello?” Josephine shouted. Elle was already halfway up the staircase, on a rampage to find some sort of answer. Basil, surprisingly was following her and was followed by Toto. Clearly they were all starting to lose it.

“Hello,” a voice said from door. In the light, which streamed in from the outside stood a tall, stick thin man with a slightly misplaced top hat.